How to use video conferencing for your client practice and/or workshop

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In this new DIY 2 part workshop with RPA Volunteer,  Carolyn Winter, you will learn how to use video conferencing and other tools to host client sessions, seminars and workshops online.   In this 2 part workshop you will learn:

An overview of how and where to use technology in your business 

  • - client sessions
  • - group sessions 
  • - seminars 
  • - creating a webinar

The magic of technology:

  • learn about the technology requirements and limitations
  • how to record,  process and distribute materials
  • technology platforms - zoom, thinkific, youtube, email,
  • permissions

Getting everyone on screen and in the frame 

  • - setting the scene and finding the eye of the camera
  • - orientating  your audience
  • - consideration for individual clients versus groups
  • - using all those buttons!

Practicing with breakout sessions 

 A Product Development Checklist
...for developing your first content product./

  • - brainstorming session for workshop/seminar ideas
  • -mapping out your product check list
  • - online ways to develop content (use of surveys, documents, pdfs, etc)
  • - recording video and/or audio
  • - back-end considerations for email, e-commerce,

 3 Easy Ways to Get Started - leave with a project plan! 

Your Questions Answered 

What's included?

9 Videos
15 Texts
1 Download
Laura Frisbie
Laura Frisbie
RPA Webinar Organizer

About the instructor

Our Repatterning Practitioners Association webinar endeavors are generally a collaboration of our member volunteers.   Laura Frisbie is the administrator that can forward your questions and comments to the right team or individual volunteer.

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